Adventures of an Irish Girl in London

That’s London baby!

So today I am going to a conference for work… is it sad that I feel like a kid going on a school tour!

Im totally not sophisticated enough for London living!

IGiL x

Explorations of London

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted.. but it’s been a looong weekend (which I’m still recovering from by the way!)

Some friends came to visit over the weekend, and as one was a nurse we decided to go to the Old Operating Theatre Museum on Saturday. It was actually pretty interesting! Although, if you find it hard to climb stairs then it wouldn’t be the best place to go! :) It’s full of interesting bits and bobs, and even has a couple of old operating tables lying around the place, alongside scary looking implements that I decided I didn’t need to look at!

It’s worth a look, and even though I called them on Friday to ask for opening hours and the entrance fee, we were not asked to pay when we arrived, but that may have been because it was getting late? 

It’s worth a trip if you’ve got an hour or two to spare in London! (Just try to ignore the rude blonde lady who made us go back down the stairs so that she could go down.. obv she was in too much of a rush to let us walk up the two stairs it would take to get into the museum, before she had to leave!

IGiL x

Amazon wonders

So living as I now am in the wondrous city of London, I’m starting more and more to realise why so many people are broke in this city! It’s down to sites like Amazon, Groupon and the millions of online retailers out there.

What better way to take a break from the tedium of working than by shopping! And if you can’t leave the office to do it, why not do it from your desk?

So far this week I’ve ordered no fewer than 12 separate items from amazon! My first batch was stuff that I needed, but not enough to pay the 10 pounds it costs in our local shops, iPod cables and the likes, the second batch was stuff that I didn’t need, but when stuff arrives the morning after you buy it, it makes for lots of excitement and impulse buying!

How do you feel about online shopping, not just the small stuff, but shoes/clothes/bedding etc?

IGiL x

First class service on the train back from Glasgow!

First class service on the train back from Glasgow!

Happy New Year

It’s back to work with a bang for me and Irish Boy, well I started back last week, but it was super quiet. Different story this week! Arrived in to work yesterday morning, amid torrential rain (made me miss Ireland… almost!) to find about a million emails that had to be answered straight away! Fun fun! How did you get on going back to work after the Christmas/New Year.. or did you get a break at all? IGiL x

Asda Watch

So, being Irish, there are some things Irish Boy & I can’t live without… and one is taking a trip to Asda at 1 in the morning - which we did last night!

I headed straight to the Irish Food section, which I’ve been keeping my eye on, and was shocked to find that the brown sauce had been restocked! :) Much better than the dusty bottles that lived on the top shelf before the christmas… 

Now all we’ve got to do is persuade them to start stocking Lyons Tea instead of Barrys and I’m a happy camper, as the inimitable Fr. Jack would say.

IGiL x

Took a walk to Greenwich today for a look… it was the perfect day to take some photos! :) 

Took a walk to Greenwich today for a look… it was the perfect day to take some photos! :) 


If there’s one handy - hugging a dog! Otherwise hugging Irish Boy, or listening to happy music and dancing like a looney!

Lá Amhain

Hi I’m the above mentioned Irish Girl in London!

My story’s the same as everyone else.. I’ve come to London to look for work, following in the footsteps of so many others, that it’s not even something special anymore!

I’m not going to bore you with details about me, but I’ll update this with interesting (I hope!) stuff I notice in London.. :) 

Irish Boy has gone back to Ireland for the Christmas, so I’m going to use this week as the perfect time to explore, read, watch bad movies and stuff my face!

Hope you enjoy!

IGiL x